Art with a Heart in Healthcare provides personalized fine art experiences that enhance the healing process for patients and their families.

let's make art!

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization located in Jacksonville, FL.  

Laughter, smiles, and joy are not what you would expect in the hospital, but we experience it every day!  And that is why we are convinced that when it comes to matters of the heart, creativity heals.

“Savannah’s time in the art rooms has become the most positive experience and exactly what she needed most.  Art with a Heart has allowed our daughter to get her mind off her illness and feeling bad and create something she is proud of.  She has so much fun while working with the artists and other children."

Sarah Lahtinen, mother of Savannah, age 7

We believe that creativity is fundamental to the human experience and that artistic expression promotes physical health and well-being that leads to improved patient outcomes.

Illness does not just inflict a person’s body. Left alone, it can affect their mind, will, and emotions, or in other words, their heart. Medicine can heal the body, but medicine alone cannot make a person whole.


That is where Art with a Heart in Healthcare makes a difference.  

Patient Benefits


  • Creates an opportunity for participants to share who they are as a whole person rather than one who is defined by diagnosis, age, or disability.


  • Provides a means of interaction and enjoyment, a sense of meaningful connection with others.


  • An innovative way to respond to the stress associated with hospitalization.


  • Establishes an environment that recognizes the value of creativity and aesthetic experience for patients, families, healthcare providers, and visitors.


Resource: UF Center for Arts in Medicine. Talking About Arts in Health

Art with a Heart in Healthcare


The Henri Landwirth Family Endowed Fund

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