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This year's annual patient exhibition — "ANIMAL- Gamation" — was on display at Jacksonville's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) until December 8, 2019. It marks our ninth year of partnership with MOCA.


The show is now on display at Florida State College at Jacksonville North Campus. 


The exhibition is creatively entitled “ANIMAL-Gamation” — since the AWAHIH artists partnered with patients to create unique amalgamations of different animals! Patients explored their own life stories and identities in animal form by creating collages on canvas using paint, sand, feathers, pipe cleaners, gems, and much more. This thoughtful show encouraged introspection, inviting the patients to show some of their personality traits and characteristics by creating their own mythical creatures.  The exhibition highlights the amazing qualities of sixteen remarkable patients.

Meet the Artists 

“Art with a Heart in Healthcare is the reason I get out of my bed to play when I am in the hospital.”

“I like to bring my family together and be the peace maker”

 “I chose to paint a dog because I am faithful, loyal, and a good friend.”

“I am a very, very outgoing person. I love being around big groups of people.” 

Joshua "Junior", age 12 

Anastasia, age 16

Madalyn, age 11

Desirae, age 12

See their artwork 

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