let's make art!

Enjoy a fine art experience of your own by: 

  •  following along with our step-by-step tutorial videos with your favorite Artists-in-Residence 

  • printing out coloring sheets hand-made by our very own talented artists and volunteers! 

  • listening to music and story-telling by the late Ajamu, an eternal team member of Art with a Heart

Downloadable Coloring Pages

Click the button to see a full list of easy-to-print coloring pages drawn by our team of talented Artists-in-Residence and volunteer artist, Patsy,  and make them into your own masterpieces!


(New coloring pages will continue to be added. Easter themed pages coming soon!)

Music by Ajamu Mutima

Looking for a sense of grounding and peace? Listen to songs by Ajamu Mutima who  dedicated a decade of his life providing music and story-telling sessions for patients and their families with AWAHIH. 

New Fun Video Tutorials!!!

Watch and follow along with drawing, painting, and origami folding demonstrations with our team of Artists-in-Residence.

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