Patient Exhibitions

Each year, our team devises a unique patient art show idea including a prompt or question to inspire imagination, artistry, and individual expression amongst Wolfson Children's Hospital patients. In addition to reaping the benefits of engaging in the creative process, the patient artists gain a sense of accomplishment, pride, and meaning by having their artwork displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art and then in various locations around Jacksonville, FL. 

Our patient art exhibits are made possible through an ongoing partnership with MOCA.


“I never had anything I have made hang up in a frame in an art show before. I am so happy that people will see what I have made.”

-Asima, Age 8

2020 Patient Art Show


10 - art with a heart UPDATED again  cop

For over a decade, MOCA Jacksonville and Art with a Heart in Healthcare have collaborated on special exhibitions of artworks by pediatric patients in Northeast Florida. A Decade of Art with a Heart: Celebrating 10 Years of pARTnership, is a retrospective of select works from past exhibitions.

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2019 Patient Art Show


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This year's annual patient exhibition — "ANIMAL- Gamation" — was on display at Jacksonville's Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) until December 8, 2019. It marks our ninth year of partnership with MOCA.


The exhibition is creatively entitled “ANIMAL-Gamation” — since the AWAHIH artists partnered with patients to create unique amalgamations of different animals! Patients explored their own life stories and identities in animal form by creating collages on canvas using paint, sand, feathers, pipe cleaners, gems, and much more. This thoughtful show encouraged introspection, inviting the patients to show some of their personality traits and characteristics by creating their own mythical creatures.  The exhibition highlights the amazing qualities of sixteen remarkable patients.

Meet the Artists 

“Art with a Heart in Healthcare is the reason I get out of my bed to play when I am in the hospital.”

“I like to bring my family together and be the peace maker”

 “I chose to paint a dog because I am faithful, loyal, and a good friend.”

“I am a very, very outgoing person. I love being around big groups of people.” 

joshua junior ribeiro age 12 grizder.jpg

Joshua "Junior", age 12 

anastasia mcgriff age 16 bullionfly.jpg

Anastasia, age 16

madalyn touchton 2 age 11 dogphin.jpg

Madalyn, age 11

desirae thompson age 12 azrial the swolf

Desirae, age 12

See their artwork 

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2018 Patient Art Show

World of their Own Graphic.png
World of their own Logo.png

On display starting at 

Super Food and Brew Restaurant 

11 E Forsyth St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Our 8th Annual Patient Exhibition, sponsored by Capital Bank goes on display at Super Food and Brew January 30, 2020. A World of Their Own sparked bountiful creativity in our patient artists while showing us the child beyond their illness. 

Artist Spotlight

In his world, Preston Fowler, age 17, portrays sports symbols that are meaningful to him. There is an image of a jersey with the number 56 in his piece.  This number belongs to Dante Fowler, a Jacksonville Jaguars football player Preston admires for many reasons such as their shared name. Preston is also a fan of the Gators and WWE.

“I want people to know what my life has been like and what I have been through”

- Preston Fowler, AWAH Patient Artist

The Dream Team logo in this piece represents his very own football team granted to him by the Dreams Come True organization. Preston aspires to write a story about his life because he says, “I want people to know what my life has been like and what I have been through”. He is incredibly strong and resilient, even after undergoing 51 surgeries since he was born. In his free time, Preston enjoys playing video games and playing with his niece and nephews.

Preston and other patient artists participating in A World of Their Own, sponsored by Capital Bank, partner with our artists-in-residence who bring out their natural talents and expand their art-making skills while promoting self-confidence and self-awareness during their hospital experience. Some patients take off on their own with little guidance and some work more one-on-one with our artists who guide them through the process of creating their unique piece. 

2017 Patient Art Show

Another Side Revealed

(On display in OneCall Building 9th Floor)

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Making a self-portrait is a way for children to express themselves and simultaneously boost their confidence and spirits. For Another Side Revealed, each artist started with a question,“If you could be anything, go anywhere, do anything ... what would it be?” In answering this question, patient artists rendered their self-portraits as they are and as they would be by exploring and conveying their personalities, stories, and imagination in a two-dimensional form. Each artist partnered with an Artist-in-Residence of AWAHIH, who help enhance their natural talents and expand their artistic expression while promoting self-confidence and self-awareness during their hospital experience. Another Side Revealed presents the vast variety of ways these artists would alter their worlds.

2016 Patient Art Show


2016 Patient Art Exhibit 
Permanently on display at One Call building on the 2nd floor 
841 Prudential Dr #204,
Jacksonville, FL 32207

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2015 Patient Art Show


Permanently on display on the tenth floor of Nemours Children's Specialty Care Clinic  807 Childrens Way, Jacksonville, FL 32207

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2014 Patient Art Show

Express Your #Selfie

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